Friday, November 26, 1999

Iranian Dissident Camp in Iraq Is Attacked

Iranian Dissident Camp in Iraq Is Attacked

New York Times
November 26, 1999

A truck carrying rockets exploded near a camp housing Iranian dissidents in the Baghdad area but caused no damage or casualties, the dissidents said today.

The dissidents, based in Iraq, are known as the People's Mujahedeen and constitute Iran's main opposition group. They said agents of Iran's clerical government had intended to attack the site, Ashraf camp, with the rockets.

An Iraqi government spokesman confirmed the incident and described it as an attempt ''to harm our country and undermine its domestic security.''

The Mujahedeen said the agents had infiltrated Iraqi territory with the truck laden with four missiles, driven it up to the camp and abandoned it. The agents had apparently intended to launch the rockets by remote control to hit the camp, the Mujahedeen's largest, the group said in a statement. One of the missiles exploded prematurely Wednesday, tearing the truck in half, according to the statement.

Iran has denied involvement in the incident, the third attack claimed this month by the Mujahedeen.